Choosing to Smile

This morning I woke up to an email in my inbox. It was a blog post from one of my best friends (check her out here). She wrote on 50 things that made her smile that day. So I talked to her and asked permission to use the same idea and she said yes. Yippee!! I think this is such a good idea. So throughout the day I jotted stuff down on my phone that made me smile.


Nehemiah 8:10 says “the JOY of the Lord is MY strength.” Sometimes we can get so caught up in the swirl of bad things that we forget to be thankful for the moments of joy throughout our day. So here are 27 things that made me smile today.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.41.50 AM.png

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016


  1. Waking up and not being tired
  2. Waking up to one of the best natural hair days I’ve had…ever.
  3. Enjoying a yummy breakfast.
  4. Making it to school early.
  5. Only stopping at a handful of the 27 lights it takes to get to school…and yes…I counted the lights.
  6. Sang one of Hillsongs new songs ALL the way to school. It’s become one of my favorites. Check it out here.
  7. The green juice I made for the day actually tasted good.
  8. Was sore all day because of the previous day’s work out #nopainnogain
  9. Got some weird looks but I rocked my Chacos!! Chaco tan here I come!!!
  10. I had a pop test…and got a hundred percent on it.
  11. My grandma emailed me to tell me that she saw a picture of my worship team matching the day before and thought we were “as cute as could be.”
  12. Rocked a drum solo on my steering wheel and the lady sitting next to me at the red light laughed at me.
  13. Driving by a park and hearing little kids laughing.
  14. My last class of the day getting out 30 minutes early!
  15. Taking an hour nap on the couch…as I listened to the birds outside.
  16. Making myself a truly scrumptious lunch.
  17. Did a Pilates workout video and felt like a beached whale trying to do some of the moves. Sometime you just have to laugh at yourself.
  18. My mom made a really yummy dinner.
  19. Watching a TV show with the fam.
  20. Getting my glasses. (Long story short, I still have 20/20 vision but the Dr. thinks they will help with some of my headaches).
  21. Watching my brother watch and talk about the PGA tour.
  22. Doing homework on my bed in silence as I watched the rain outside.
  23. Getting silly double chin pictures from a friend.
  24. Running into an old friend at Target.
  25. My mom giving our dog a bath and him (finally) smelling good.
  26. Facial mask!!!
  27. Writing this post.


Ok! So that is the 27 things that made me smile today. And to be honest, it was pretty easy to come up with the list. Some of the smallest things I smile about I forget minutes later, so take the time to go through the day and remember the moments that made you smile and let that be a spring board into having a thankful heart toward the Lord.


Happy Smiling!



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